Monday, December 5, 2016

Atlanta Presentation on Career Development

Hello Friends,

If you attended my Career Development Session at the Innovative Counseling Strategies Conference in Atlanta, GA June 19-22, 2016, below are the links to the information and handouts that were included in my presentation.  

I thought it would be easier to give you access to the electronic version of the information as opposed to a hard copy.  I hope this was more helpful. I also uploaded the PowerPoint I gave out.  I only ask that if you use it or share it, you give me credit!! Thanks a bunch!!! You guys are GREAT!!!

The World is Your Playground PowerPoint

Career Day Invitation Letter 

Thank You Letter for Career Day

This link includes: List of Participants, Student Interview Question Form and a copy of the Survey.  I sent this information so the presenters are aware of the questions that will be asked, the other participants and what to expect from our survey!!  

Career Map

Career Vehicle Day Invitation Letter

Thank You Letter for Career Vehicle Day

Career Walk Worksheet

Kindergarten Gets a Job

The World is My Playground What Should I Be?

This link is to my recently published book on Careers for early elementary students that can be purchased through Youthlight!! 

School Counselor's Rock 

This is the link to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!!

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me!!


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