Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Career Development-2nd Grade

Below you will find Career lessons I recommend for 2nd grade. Typically, I will have 2-3 lessons on this topic if time permits.  I usually only have time to create 2 lessons per topic because of how I have my schedule set.  You can choose any of the lessons I have listed in any post and use how you see fit!!

With my first lesson for 2nd grade, I start by asking the students the age old question...What do they want to be when they grow up?  Hands fly in the air and I let a few students share.  I read with them the book, "When I Grow Up" by: Al Yankovic.  This is a pretty cool and funny story that the students really connect with!!  After the story, I have the students write/draw about what they want to do...I give them to option to draw more than one, but it must be detailed and descriptive. (If you haven't noticed, I make sure to incorporate the writing component to help with state standards).  If time permits, I let those who want to share, share with class.

Lesson 2 is set up differently.  I take the students on a "Career Walk".  As I am preparing for the career lessons, I check out almost if not all the Career Books from the library.  I put the books in 6 groups by cluster (if I can), and set them up in whatever empty room we have in the building.  The students get a worksheet and I explain they will be going on a career walk. They have to visit each cluster and read through the books listed in each group.  After they read through the books, they have to choose ONE job they would like to do in that cluster.  After they have picked a job from each group, they have to pick the one job they like the most and write about it.  After they have completed the entire worksheet, I give them a crossword puzzle they can work on with a friend.  The puzzle reflects several of the jobs described in the groups so its a review of sorts.  Below is the worksheet I give them...The Crossword Puzzle was generated online, and unfortunately, I can't remember which site I used, but I'm sure you can google it to create your own based on the jobs you have in the Career Walk.  Below is a picture of how I had mine set up!!


If you tilt your head to the right you can get a better idea of how the picture is should look.  For some reason, I couldn't rotate the image!! Below is a link to the worksheet I gave each student. 

Career Walk

Hope this helps!!

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